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Why Buy Vegan?

“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.”
Thomas A Edison

Veganism, a practice of abstaining from animal products in any shape or form and has its roots deeply intertwined with ethics and basic human morality. There is life all around us, but the one that we miss to connect is with animals. Veganism is a way to develop this connection, as animals are sentient-being too. This is one of the main reasons that one should choose to go vegan.

Vgungho appreciates and understands these reasons, and therefore, provides a unique platform to the vegan entrepreneurs in India so that veganism can be realized through the following reasons.

Because It Will Lead You to A Better You

The food you eat is nourishment for not just your body; its quality nourishes your mind, and its source nourishes your consciousness. With a vegan diet, you get all three. The vegan food provides nourishment to your body and mind, and as this food is cruelty-free, your consciousness is also satisfied. Being on this Vegan path has only good in store for you. Your body becomes happy, your mind awakens, and your soul becomes unburdened. When this happens, you will start to notice changes within yourself: you look good, you feel brilliant, and you love more. All these effects can transcend your being into a better version of you.

Because Vegan Food Is Delicious

Being vegan does not mean being stuck with tasteless foods. There are a plethora of vegan foods that can leave even the meat eaters salivating. There was once a time when taste used to be, more or less, compromised. However, with more and more people getting conscious about cruelty in foods, more and more companies are coming up with delicious vegan options. Our team of is providing a platform to these companies so that you can get intimate with a tradition that abstains from any cruelty, and embraces delicious recipes.

Because It Will Give You A Lean And Healthy Body

It is a statistical fact that a vegan individual weighs about 20 percent less than a meat consuming individual. When one compares a vegan body to a vegetarian body, one can still notice that the former is the lighter one. The plant-based vegan foods are high in lean protein and low in fat and carb. They have been garnering the attention of everyone who seeks to grow stronger, faster, better looking, but without being cruel. Furthermore, almost every Vegan food is rich in iron.  With the proper amount of iron, you can brush aside any physical weakness.

Because It Gives Voice to The Voiceless

With a vegan lifestyle, you are not merely sustaining your life but also taking the rights of animals into account. In this age of millennials, where many of us have “WOKE UP” to many social justice movements, embracing a vegan lifestyle means embracing the ultimate social justice movement of all time. There is a connection between man and nature to be found, and being a vegan strengthens this connection. Vegan food open you to many things around you. As a result, you feel more alive and more compassionate.


“A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.”

― Leo Tolstoy

Because It Protects the Environment

Being environmentally conscious is the need of the hour, and production of animal products is a detriment to the environment. Therefore, for many, being a vegan is a way to stay environmentally conscious.  Through the way of veganism, one can put a serious dent on greenhouse gas emission, preserve the animal habitat and the species, and above all, conserve water.

Because Veganism Is Gaining Popularity In India

A country with a population that exceeds one billion, India is now transcending from the rut of vegetarianism to the purity of veganism. Therefore, the current market is getting exceedingly pronounced with entrepreneurs that focus on cruelty-free products. Furthermore, with this much popularity, one does not need to think–“Why is there no vegan food near me?”—anymore, for the stores that provide such foods have now buried their seeds everywhere, and we at Vgungho are going to let this seed grow into a tree and make the result of this tree available to the masses.

Because Vegan Food Meets Your Every Nutritional Need

Every nutritional need of everyone in India can be met with Vegan products.
As for the vegan protein sources, following are just some of many options:
1. Lentils
2. Seitan
3. Green Peas
4. Soybean
5. Nutritional Yeast
6. Hempseed
7. Chickpeas
8. And much more.

Furthermore, for those who seek to bulk up fast and good, there are Vegan protein powder options in India that focus providing the same muscle mass as vegetarian options, but without, you guessed it, cruelty.

Looking for Vegan Food rich in iron, you have choices between:
1. Legumes
2. Tofu Stir Fry
3. Nuts
4. Green Vegetables
5. Dried fruits
6. Seeds
7. Lentil Curry
8. Raisins
9. Quinoa

These are just some of the options for a vegan diet that is rich in Iron. The vegan product entrepreneurs that we have associated with can provide you with more diverse options. These options escalate your choices of Vegan food recipes.

We at Vgungho are “Gung-ho” about being vegan and expanding this ideology among others is our primary motto. There are many entrepreneurs of such products in India, and through us, they can have a voice, and customers.


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