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Why Sell with Us?


Only Vegan, Only Compassion:

We solely promote vegan products. Through this, our goal is not only to conduct business but to create a platform where a vegan collective can have a united voice. This voice of compassion calls out to customers who either are already partaking in a cruelty-free lifestyle or want to try it out and be a part of it.

No Storage, No Wastage:

Our concern towards the environment ensures that none of the Vegan food that we sell to our customers gets wasted. In India, the concept of veganism is barely out of its diapers. Therefore, we engage with doing a lean form of business where you will send your products directly to the customer.

Our Margins* Are Low, And Our Commitments Are High:

Vgungho is not concerned with merely conducting business, but is concerned with spreading the word about veganism across every part of the nation. Therefore, compared to popular platforms like Amazon or Qtrove where their commission margins are kept at 7%-25%, our margins are much lower at 9%. This decision stems from our need to garner more attention towards veganism and to motivate the entrepreneurs by showing them that there is an entire world of customers out there that appreciate and revel in veganism.
Our commission and payout structure:
MRPRs 100
Vgungho Platform Commission
( 9% + 18% GST)
9 (commission) + 1.62 (GST)
= Rs 10.62
Seller GetsRs 89.38

Profit for The Cause:

Our cause is singular and we are for profit. We are looking for the right animal shelters to associate with us so we can support them. We also want to make provision for volunteer contributions so people while buying with us can also give something to their desired organization for the charity.

A Platform Beyond Selling:

Although vegan is confused with just a lifestyle, we plan to transform Vgungho into a diverse platform for Animal Welfare, Animal Law Education and even pet adoption. We seek to evolve our platform in these verticals in the coming month. Therefore, if you are someone who seeks to dispense education about Animal law or want to provide a home to pets, you can reach out to us now itself.

We Epitomize Vegan Morality

"Only the platform for the absolute vegan"- this statement might sound a bit harsh, but it is our very foundation. We seek to provide only the purest products. Any discrepancy from the seller's end and we are going to ban them immediately.

The Goal Towards A Bigger Platform

Our budding platform seeks to be on a trajectory of growth. For that, we need your help. Therefore, connect with us so that together we can grow bigger and make the movement stronger.

Business created havoc, business can restore.

Together, we can restore the world in a peaceful state. So associate and sell with us, and let the world know of Vegan power.


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