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Vezlay Veg Meat (200 gms)

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Vezlay’s Veg Meat can replace chicken and mutton in nearly every single Indian recipe out there. Veg Meat is a tasty and nutritious foodstuff. You will simply not be able to tell the difference when you eat this delicious and nutritious vegan meat cooked with your favorite recipe. It’s so succulent and tender and will give you that chewy texture you crave so bad. It is designed to keep your protein intake up to the levels required to maintain a healthy, balanced diet without having to consume non-veg foodstuff.

Vegetable Protein (Soy), Wheat Protein, Wheat Flour, Rice, Starch, Vegetable Oil, Spices & Condiments.

Note: Not for infant below 12 months of age.

Nutrition Value(Approx): 1. Energy: 260 K cal 2. Protein: 24.35 g 3. Carbohydrate: 8.70 g 4. Fat: 14.2 g 5. Dietary Fiber: 7.30 g 6. Iron: 49 mg 7. Calcium: 43.7 mg 8. Sodium: 3530 mg 9. Cholesterol: 0 mg 10. Sugar: 0 g

Allergen: Gluten, Soy, MSG (veg)

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