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Frequently asked questions

About Vgungho

What is the Speciality of Vgungho?

VgungHo is an exclusive vegan marketplace focussed on animal ingredient free food and other lifestyle necessary products. The marketplace is a platform made for the new generation entrepreneurs and veterans who are passionate about offering cruelty free products of highest quality.

What is considered Vegan?

Anything made by humans which does not contain any animal ingredients or animal testing is considered vegan. Vegan products are free from - all the milk and dairy products, meat, egg, honey free. Shoes or accessories which doesn’t use leather is also considered Vegan. In clothing, Silk is not considered Vegan as it involved boiling the Silkworms as a necessary process. However, there are many products which doesn’t include animal ingredients but they do involve animal testing which puts animals in tremendous pain and trauma. They can not be considered Vegan.

Vgungho Food

What is the difference between Vegan food and Plant based food?

Vegan as a concept origins from the Animal Compassion Ethics. So if someone says he/she is a vegan, they do not consume animal products do the compassionate reasons.
Plant based diet is about health benefits of abstaining from Animal products. That’s the superior most diet for Human, however that doesn’t come from the Animal Compassion Ethics but from personal Health perspective.
As a food both are animal ingredient free, the meaning behind them is different.

Why Milk or dairy is not Vegan or Cruelty-free?

Cows/Buffaloes go through a highly painful and productive life to maintain the lower value of the milk. They are impregnated with every 2-3 months of gaps after delivering calves with artificially insemination (of frozen bull sperm). If the born calf is male, he directly goes to the slaughterhouse to make a quick money as otherwise they are economically useless to dairy.
The female calf is not let to drink own mother’s milk due to market demand and separated to other sheds to raise her like her mother.
Cows are injected illegal Oxycontin, kept in highly unhygienic and hard floor which is extremely harmful for their body and feet. They are milked and a certain amount of puss and blood is also allowed as per the dairy standards.
If this is not enough, they are abused for 6-8 years in those productive years and sent to slaughterhouse.

Do Vegan products lack in protein?

No they do not. There are easily available Plants which has high quality of lean proteins. Unlike animal protein, they are completely harmless and yes cruelty free.

How do you ensure that all the products are 100% vegan?

We know each entrepreneurs personally and if we don’t then we go with reference check. We also cross check their FSSAI, Ingredients lists etc. We also take their consent on paper that they will only sell vegan products and if found guilty of deliberate breach, they will be immediately terminated and none of their due payment will be paid. On top, a legal process will also be taken seemed necessary for cheating.

How to consume vegan products?

They are made for human consumption. Have it how you feel right like any other products you had earlier. Yes, if you have any allergies, please be careful to read the ingredients properly.

Do Vgungho support animal welfare?

Yes, Vgungho Support animal welfare and at every purchase you can choose if you want to contribute towards a welfare activity. We are tied-up with them and we don’t touch those contribution.

Selling and Shipping

How to sell on Vgungho?

There is a Seller Sign up page. Link . For any more details you can also email: or Whatsapp/Call on +91 97427 40040.

How products sold on Vgungho different than mass produce factory products?

These products are not made in huge batches and overly uniform processes. They are made in smaller batches and may taste little different the next time but be sure they will be always healthier and safe.

We make Vegan products but don’t have GST and FSSAI licence. Can I still sell?

No, and you should not also as it’s illegal in every state of India. It’s rather simple and good way to do give assurance to consumers and we do recommend to get them so we can get you on-board quickly. We can help you with good contacts, who can help you at a reasonable cost. Link

We make Vegan products but they can only be shipped in the city, can we use Vgungho for the same?

We will show your products to the only people in that city if you want. Or we will put the note that they can only be shipped in the particular city.

We make Vegan products but we don’t have courier partner, what can be done?

Don’t worry. We are already tied up with best of the interstate and local logistics (major cities) provider. We will set it up for you.

I stay in remote part of India, can I sell on Vgungho?

Check your pincode here. Link. If it’s serviceable, we will be happy to have you as our far out Vegan seller section. We encourage people from all corners to come with us.

I stay in remote part of India, can the products be delivered to me?

Check your pincode here. Link. If it’s serviceable, we will be happy to ship you and a shout out will also go for far out Vegan lover. We encourage people from all corners to shop with us and spread the message of compassion.
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