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Frequently asked questions for Vendor

Selling with Vgungho

How do I enrol as a seller?

Just goto our registration page (Link) and fill up your details. If you want to talk with someone right away call or whatsapp on +91 97427 40040.

What is a seller journey before she/he starts selling?

Steps goes like this:
Step-1: Register as business (Provide business details, GST, FSSAI No (if food), Bank details etc.)
     Step-1.1: Verification of the documents
     Step-1.2: We send ID and password for login to Seller dashboard
Step-2: Uploading of Products, Details and Seller profile
     Step-2.1: Quality check for the above details
Step-3: Go live
Step-4: You get home page banner, Social media and Email introduction to our customers.

Shipping and Tax

We don’t have GST but we still want to sell, can we?

As per GOI’s regulation it’s not allowed. However, we have partners who can get your GST done within 7-10 days times. Or you can find many reliable people on-line who can help you in same. Still facing any issue, just call us on 97427 40040 or write us on

We don’t have FSSAI but still want to sell, can we?

As per GOI’s regulation it’s not allowed. However, we have partners who can get your FSSAI done within 2 days times (for business turn over less than 12 lakh a year). Or you can find many reliable people online who can help you in same. Still facing any issue, just call us on 97427 40040 or write us on

We have vegan as well non-vegan product, can we sell on your platform?

Case to case we have to see, we really need to ensure that you are genuine in keeping things Vegan. Better will be to talk to us directly and best will be to take 1-2 reference of vegan seller/ vegans. We do not assure on-boarding though.

So Will you be storing and shipping our goods?

No, we are a marketplace so we don’t intend to do the distribution from our side. We get you the order and you fulfill it. However, if you are having trouble in packing and shipping we can discuss case to case and can try to find a way for you to do so.

What margins you charge?*

We charge 9% commission on sales. Here is a typical margin structure.
MRPRs 100
Vgungho Platform Commission ( 9% + 18% GST)9 (commission) + 1.62 (GST)
= Rs 10.62
Seller GetsRs 89.38


When do we get paid?

For the orders placed from 1st to 20th of each month, you get paid by 7th of next month. For e.g. For the orders placed between Jan 1 and Jan 20 we release payment by February 7.

We don’t have courier partner but we want to sell on Vgungho.

We have sorted this out through our partnership with FedEx and other courier partner. However, let us know your pin-code so we can confirm if pick-up can be done from there. We are also tied-up with Dunzo which covers many of the cities.

Who pays for the logistics?

Our logistics charges are quite negotiated. If your margin allows, you can absorb the logistics or the customer can be charged for the same. We will ask for exact dimensions for the package so we can put accurate charges for the courier. Customers should not also be charged more than the actuals.

Returns Product

What happens if customer wants to return the food product?

Our policy is if the product is not safe for consumption due to expiry or bad at arrival or different then mentioned on website, the customer should be refunded the amount. If just for sake of not liking it or customer changes mind, we don’t refund the amount. However in that case if you are willing to take it back, we will cooperate in the process.

What happens if customer wants to return the non-food product?

For non-food item (but not cosmetics, perishables or personal products), we have return policy for 1 month. If the product is returned intact and in saleable condition, we will proceed the refund based on your written confirmation. However, if the product is not returned in a right condition, it goes in for dispute and case to case basis it will be seen. As per business policy we will ensure that genuine party is given the priority and not incurred any further loss.

What happens if customer wants to return Cosmetics/ Personal care products?

Returns are only allowed if the product arrived was wrong, damaged or not as per the specified on the website. Please ensure to be 100% transparent in what you offer and packing is done right. If customer changes mind, we do not allow the returns.

More Questions

What happens to our sales and customer data?

You sales data is safe and will not be shared with anyone else. We understand that it’s one of the core responsibility of this time.

Can we approach the customer who once bought from us?

We get what you saying, but NO. It’s a bad business move where you try to poach the customer we got after a lot of hard-work like you do for your business. If you want more sales, talk to us and we will find strategies to do that in a right way.

How do we ensure that the COD orders are genuine?

We understand It’s a huge limitation of online business still we will confirm the orders and then you can process them. If the customer still refuses to take it, we will share the courier charges equally. Unfortunately we have to absorb those unfortunate loss which is inevitable.

Do you provide packing material?

No we do not provide packing material, however let us know if you need any help in sourcing.
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