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CEO, Founder

Sagar N Mehta

  • Sagar is a vegan since 5 years. He took this decision after learning about barbaric treatment given to the bulls at the preparation and during the bullfight which is famous in Spain. Thanks to internet, he landed on The Most Important Speech Ever by Gary Yourofsky and within 3 days, he went vegan and never went back. He has travelled to countries like China, Hong-kong, USA but managed to stay vegan by help of people around him and HappyCow App.
  • He has taken training for Honorary Animal Welfare Officer in 2018 and after seeing the gory reality of Animal Abuse, he wants to dedicate his life towards the goal of Animal use abolition.
  • He works with Animal Rescue Group – Prayas Surat and in process to make an App feature which can help in curbing the illegal slaughter houses. The app RESQUARK (available on play store) is extremely useful for animal rescues.
  • He worked for shoes brands for last 4 years and convinced the management to change the material of the shoes from animal leather to quality synthetic leather. And it was a huge success.
  • He did Industrial Production engineering from Shimoga, Karnataka and did MBA from School of Petroleum Management.
  • He can be reached on or +91 97427 40040.

Honorary Advisors

Deepak Ashwani

Deepak Ashwani is vegan since 2015. He is the Indian ambassador of Vegan Nation, a first global decentralized nation aiming to unite 300 Million+ vegans around the world using own cruelty-free crypto-currency called VeganCoin. He is a ‘Global Solutions Programs’ fellow from Singularity University in NASA campus, engaging in using exponential technologies to positively impact the world. Deepak is a founder of multiple international award-winning renewable cooking fuel cooperative initiatives, Dazin – which has helped 10000+ school students to experience smoke-free cooking in Bhutan. He is an alumnus of various social changemakers groups such as Ashoka ChangemakerXchange, American Professional Fellowship, Swedish Institute, Bosch Alumni and GIZ Transforming Leadership. He has a Master’s in Environmental Management from Denmark. You can also read about his journey on:

Honorary Advisor


Sonal is the founder of Compassionate Choices Pvt. Ltd which makes India’s first range of Vegan ice-creams with brand name ‘WhiteCub’. She is a vegan for more than 13 years. For over 2 decades, she has done intensive research in Vegan nutrition. She has been honoured by many organisations for her contribution in food & nutritions, manufacturing excellence and Vegan movement. Namely, her Vegan Ice Cream brand ‘WhiteCub’ has won ‘Peta Vegan food award’ in 2014. She was also honoured with WEE foundation’s award of Excellence 2017 (GOI). She was honoured by Cherie Blair Foundation Dhriiti Award in 2017. And as Woman entrepreneur of the year in 2017 by TIE=Power2SME Spirit of Manufacturing.
She also helps people in their diet who want to avoid dairy and animal products. Vgungho’s founder, Sagar is thankful to her for giving the final push to dive in with Vgungho.

FIAPO – To promote Animal rights movement, Vgungho have colloborated with Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, which is India’s apex animal protection organisation working with 120 member organisations, over 200 supporter organisations and 1000 individual activists in 63 cities, FIAPO is the catalyst that protects the interests of animals on local and national levels – through education, research, mobilisation, training and direct action.

In addition to working with the government and consumers, FIAPO also engages with corporations and institutions to influence production and bringing down and ultimately ending the consumption of animal products in commercial consumption. Through effective campaigning, we cause industry-wide tectonic shifts by setting compassionate norms, and create a significant and lasting impact on the suffering of farm animals.


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